How do I attach the Fresh Air Face Shield to my hat or visor?

Click here for a PDF containing instructions on how to attach the Fresh Air Face Shield to your hat or visor.


Will the Fresh Air Face Shield work on any hat?

The face shield and clips were designed and tested to work with hats that have a stiff brim - e.g., baseball caps, flat tops, and trucker caps. 


What colors are Fresh Air Face Shield available in?

The clips for the Fresh Air Face Shield are available in black, white, gray, pink, and premium clear. The face shield is transparent. 


Can I mix clip colors (e.g., two white clips and one gray clip)?

At this time, clip colors cannot be mixed within a set.


What is the Fresh Air Face Shield made of?

The material the Fresh Air Face Shield is made from is amorphous polyethylene terephthalate (APET) and is food contact approved: Conforms to migration requirements of EU Regulation No.10/2011, test requirements of USA FDA CFR21 Sect. 177.1630, heavy metal requirements of EC Directive.
APET does not out-gas and is on the safe plastic list.  
Note - some companies are using polycarbonate for face shields which is NOT on the plastic safe plastics list as it out gasses and can be toxic when contacting food.  We strongly recommend that you do not wear a face shield made from polycarbonate as this can be harmful to your health over time.


Is there a specification sheet available for the material the Fresh Air Face Shield is made out of?

Yes, please click here for a specification sheet on the material the Fresh Air Face Shield is made of.


How do I clean the Fresh Air Face Shield?

Clean your Fresh Air Face Shields with care to avoid damage. To clean, use a very small amount of mild soap mixed with warm water and a microfiber towel using light pressure. Clean the shield in an up/down or side-to-side motion and avoid circular motions as this may scratch the shield. Never apply heavy pressure. The shield can also be rinsed under running water.

CAUTION: Other materials can scratch Fresh Air Face Shields so be sure to use a clean microfiber towel. Avoid harsh cleaning agents, as they may damage the shields.

Lightly blot the shield with a dry microfiber towel to dry or air dry.


What if I have problems with my product? 

Due to sanitation reasons, products cannot be returned. However, please contact us at info@freshairfaceshields.com if you have any problems with the product or with questions, comments, or concerns.